Cafe Vita Coffee  

Narrows Bridge
carrot + orange + ginger

Wake Me Up!
bailey's, kahlua, vodka, rum, tquila, and cold brew coffee

Bloody Mary  

Brunch Cocktail Flight  
4 mini sizes drinks {ask  your server} 

12th Man Ma-Mosa
20oz of mimosa
or a girly size    

Pacfic Sunriser  
tequila + oj + splash of chambore


Avocado Toast
olive oil + pink sea salt
+add bacon or an egg or veggies
{gf toast avaliable} 

Crown Parfait
greek yogurt + house granola + honey

Meat + Potatoes
eggs + hashbrowns + meat + toast
{gf toast available}

Hot Wings
+ eggs on top   

Pork Hash
+ pork our way + hashbrowns + mushrooms + eggs 

Breakfast Burger
beecher's burger with an egg on top! 

Breakfast Tacos
+ house made bacon bits + eggs + cheese
topped with avo + salsa

The Gravy Train
biscuits + sausage gravy + bacon

Eggs Beni  
choose from candied bacon, crab or veggie
{gf toast available} 
+ side salad

Chicken + Waffles
2 chicken breast + 2 waffles

Bowl of Cereal  
+ a coffee or juice

quinoa hash brown
candied bacon
pork belly
eggs your way


*The fine print:consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk for food-borne illness. Certain meats and seafood are cooked to order.

*slight changes in the menu might occur, please excuse any difference that there might be.